Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation Petition

Why sign the petition? The Crestmont Homeowners’ Association (CHOA) currently does not pay City of Calgary property taxes on community shared CHOA lands such as the Crestmont Resident’s Hall, and surrounding property. Under the existing Provincial legislation, not-for-profit organizations, such as the CHOA and Resident Associations (RA’s) are exempt from paying property taxes. If the Municipal Government Act is changed, which will give Municipalities power to tax the building(s) and land included in not-for-profit organizations, then the cost of such taxes would have to be borne by the CHOA, and then recovered from increased fees. As the CHOA will eventually become the responsibility of the residents within Crestmont, the proposed changes by the Provincial Government as noted above should be of concern to all residents of Crestmont. We believe that the City of Calgary will likely have all HOA’s and RA’s within the City boundaries pay property taxes on shared community lands and buildings once the changes proposed by the Provincial government are enacted.

What does this mean to you as a homeowner within the community of Crestmont? 1. You are responsible for the residential Property Taxes on your property. 2. You are responsible for your annual CHOA dues, which are necessary to support the operation, management, and ongoing maintenance of the shared community parks and buildings under the control of the CHOA. 3. Any changes in property taxes on the shared community parks and buildings will be recovered from an increase in the CHOA monthly fee. 4. It is anticipated that property tax on the shared community parks and buildings could be upwards of $20,000 annually which will impact the operating budget for the CHOA. 5. Given the above, the levels of service and programming available to you as a CHOA member may be impacted if the Province legislates the changes proposed for not-for-profit organizations and the City enacts a new property tax bylaw for the land and facilities of the CHOA.

The managers and representatives of the many HOA’s and RA’s in Calgary and Edmonton have been working hard to lobby against the proposed changes to current Provincial legislation which would enable municipalities to change the property tax bylaw as it relates to land and buildings owned by not-for-profit organizations. We ask for your support by signing the attached petition which advises the Provincial Government to change a section of the Municipal Government Act called COPTER (Community Organization Property Tax Exempt Regulation) that would prevent Municipalities from having the ability to impose any additional property tax on community organizations such as HOA’s and RA’s who manage shared community properties and parks.

If you are invested in supporting this cause, we ask that you please visit to sign the petition by October 22, 2017 so we can continue with our efforts in keeping your CHOA fees in your community. Or visit the website at and download the petition form. If you have any questions please contact Crestmont HOA Community Relations at or The Hall at

Who can sign the petition? – Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and a resident of Alberta Board of Directors 12400 Crestmont Boulevard SW Crestmont Homeowners’ Association Calgary, AB. 403-202-2175

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