Crestmont Survey Results are in!

We wanted to take a moment and share with you the results of the survey we sent out in February and to thank everyone who was able to complete it. Your thoughts and comments matter to us and we want to ensure we a­­­­re doing everything we can to make your experience living in Crestmont a great one.

This year we had the best response rate to date! We had 210 households answer the survey. We were happy to hear 92% of respondents would recommend Crestmont to family and friends!


50% are satisfied with the frequency of communication


  • We just moved here 4 months ago, but so far seems great.

  • This year so far there has been more communication than in the past. I like knowing what's going on in our neighbourhood.

  • We don't really know if we have missed any communications from CHOA if all communications are via printed publications (Newsletters/Pamphlets). It might be more up to date if emails were also utilized, provided that the use of emails is not abused...i.e. junkmail.

53% are satisfied with the method of communication from the CHOA

92% indicated email is how the preferred to be communicated with

74% found the 2017 forecasted operating budget of value


Which did you attend? *** select all that apply

The Kids Christmas Party

18.27% - 38 respondents

Adults Christmas Party

14.90% - 31 respondents did

Movie in the park

22.12% - 46 respondents did

Stampede Breakfast

48.56% - 101 respondents did


40% - 85 respondents did not

If you did not attend, why?

60% were away

36% were not interested

4% didn’t know about them


  • Had attended the kids Christmas party the year before and kids did not want to go back. Was busy for stampeded breakfast and did not have a sitter for the adult party. Movie in the park was fantastic!

  • Was not interested, but this doesn't mean I will never be interested

  • Don't have time, was not a priority


Did you know the CHOA hired a spray park monitor and tot lot areas?


57.62% -121 responded


22.38% 47 – responded

Did not know

20.00% 42- responded

Total 210

Did you feel the monitor was a value added role?


29.33% - 61 responded


22.12% 46 - responded


28.37% 59 - responded


20.19% 42 – responded

Total 208

  • I feel that the residents of Crestmont pay for the facilities and as such we should control the use of them. If there was funding from the ward/city the I would say that the facilities are open to other communities

  • I would look at it in a cost-benefit approach. Why was the monitor hired in the first place? Were other people (not members) using the spray park? I guess this was probably of value since it will help keep non-members away in the future.

  • I think it's pretty dumb to have a "monitor" of the spray park. We should share what we have because other community's share with us.

  • I am not sure outside residents use our spray park

  • no idea there was a there???

You asked – we’ve answered:

●What is the difference between the Crestmont Community Association and the Crestmont Homeowner’s Association? We want to help clear it up help make it. Both are separate entities and have different mandates.

  • The Crestmont Community Association (CCA) is an organization formed by residents in the area to support the social, educational and recreational needs of the neighbourhood. Membership in the CCA is optional and is currently set at $25 annually. Visit their website at for more information on how you can become involved.

  • The Crestmont Homeowners’ Association (CHOA) is an organization created by the land developer to manage and maintain the beautiful amenities Crestmont boasts. These are the entrance signage, ornamental parks and ponds, boulevard landscaping and building, among other things. Membership is part of living in the community and the requirement to pay an annual fee is collected by the Association through a caveat registered on every property title.

For more information on the differences between these two organizations, please visit the Crestmont HOA website at

The CHOA is governed by a Board of Directors and a set of by-Laws ensuring governance, transparency and accountability. Each title is encumbered with a caveat that outlines the annual fee in favour of the CHOA. The fee is invoiced and collected annually and is utilized for the operations and maintenance of all CHOA amenities.

●HOA Operations: What do my HOA Fees pay for? We have been asked this a few times. Your annual HOA fee pays for enhancements to the community, including but not limited to, property ownership and member use of the Hall and grounds, annual HOA events, landscaping, snow removal and maintenance in and around the Hall property, storm pond feature fountain, entry decorative pillars and median landscaping, community newsletter, website and office administration to name a few.

A copy of the 2017 forecasted budget was provided with fee notices in January. This is a high level look at the revenues and expenditures for your Homeowner’s Association. Current HOA fees of $275 plus gst, are applied to the operations and maintenance of the items noted above. As for revenue the CHOA has two revenue sources, the HOA Encumbrance Fees and Hall Rentals. The Crestmont Hall is a beautiful venue that is very popular for weddings. Rental revenue accounted for approximately 50% of revenues to the HOA in 2016. This source of revenue is necessary to off-set the costs of operating the Hall. The Hall and grounds are amenities that require ongoing maintenance to ensure residents are able to enjoy them for years to come.

●HOA Communications: several were asking about improved communication from CHOA. The CHOA is working hard to build our email communication list. Please contact to have your name added to the email list.

Future minutes of CHOA board meetings will be added to the website at, in the Members pages, password CRESHOA.

●HOA Turnover of Operations: Crestmont Developments Inc., (the area developer) is planning to turn-over the operations of the CHOA to community members in 2019. We are inviting interested residents to contact us at or if you would like to learn more about a board position. Please provide a resume or short letter outlining your experience and interests by the end of March 2017.

●Advertising and Promotion of CHOA Events: several residents were concerned about the lack of advance notice for HOA events. Typically CHOA staff will utilize the bold sign at the Hall, place information on the website, and a notice in the Crestmont Courier newsletter. For major HOA events such as the Stampede Breakfast and the Christmas Parties, invitations are delivered to each home. We are hopeful that most residents are receiving notice of upcoming events.

●Key Cards for access to the Hall: If you have not already picked up an access card for the Crestmont Hall, please stop in and speak to one of the girls to get your access card. Access cards provide resident access to the lower level of the Hall during business hours for use of the lower level washrooms.

●Guest Access Policy: The CHOA has recently developed a Guest Policy for the use of the outdoor amenities as follows:

Residents are permitted a maximum of five (5) guests per household per day. Members who are under the age of 16 are permitted a maximum of two (2) guests. Guests must be accompanied by a Resident at all times.

Requests for more than 5 guests can be made through the Facility Manager, however approval is not guaranteed. The CHOA reserves the right to deny requests based on capacity of the park.

For a detailed list of Rules and Regulations associated with the use of the Crestmont Amenities, please visit Members pages.

●Spray Park/Non-Resident Access: Several residents were commenting about non-resident visitors to the outdoor amenities such as the spray park. Residents should be aware that the outdoor spray park and tot lot are private amenities for use by Crestmont Residents and their guests (please refer to guest policy). A portion of the HOA Fees paid by Crestmont Residents goes towards the operations and maintenance of the spray park. The HOA Board has been looking into whether or not the spray park should have controlled access. More information on this before summer 2017.

●Resident Rental Rates: The Hall staff compare rental of other HOA spaces to ensure that Crestmont rates are competitive. Residents should be aware that there is only the one room available for rent at the Hall, and this is a banquet style room similar to what you would see in a hotel. Some other associations have smaller meeting rooms which command a smaller rental price. McKenzie Towne Hall is the most comparable in capacity and pricing to Crestmont, however, esthetically it is not similar and Crestmont has much more to offer.

Crestmont Resident Rental Rates: Hourly Resident rate is $50/hour (Sunday – Friday). $75/hour on Saturdays + additional charges.

●Snow Removal / Street cleaning: several respondents were asking about snow removal. All roads in Crestmont have been turned over to the City of Calgary for maintenance. This includes snow removal, street cleaning and general maintenance such as repair of pot holes. Residents are advised to utilize the 3-1-1 system for concerns regarding road maintenance.

Friendly Reminders:

Please remember that the City of Calgary has instituted a Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw which can be viewed at

However, if you would like to report an infraction please call 3-1-1 and report it to Animal & Bylaw Services.

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