Moose sighting in Crestmont!

Yesterday morning a male and female moose were found crossing Crestmont Boulevard and entering into the community Hall parking lot. Please take caution when walking around the community.

Who should you call regarding wildlife?

Dangerous wildlife

Animals such as bears, moose, coyotes and cougars could become dangerous. In an emergency situation where there is immediate danger, call 911.

Call Alberta Alberta Environment and Parks, Fish & Wildlife section at 403-297-6423 (between 8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday or, after hours, 1-800-642-3800 if you have a problem with:

  • Badgers

  • Wolves

  • Other large wildlife

Wildlife sightings

For non-emergency situations, and to report coyote and rat sightings, please call The City of Calgary at 311 (from within Calgary) or 268-CITY (2489) (from outside Calgary). If left alone, deer pose minimal risk to the public. Citizens are advised:

  • To reduce speed in areas frequented by deer.

  • If deer are not trapped by fence, they are generally able to find an escape route

  • If deer appear to be injured, yet are still mobile, their likelihood of survival is high.

  • If deer are injured and not mobile (for example they are laying down), call Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 403-297-6423 or 1-800-642-3800 (after hours).

  • Young deer may appear to be orphaned, but should be left alone. Often they are hidden, while the parents forage for food.

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