Results from the Christmas Light Contest

1st Place Winner


On the evening of December 12th our judges were wowed by the final chapter in our Christmas Light Contest for 2016. Crestmont lit up the night with many displays. Thank you to all for participating in the competition and spreading Christmas Cheer.

The winners were:

1st the Godard Family - An extravagant light display that featured an FM radio transmitter playing Christmas tunes and an animated Christmas tree.

2nd Patti - A creative display featuring characters from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and the town of “Whoville”.

2nd Place Winner

3rd Dave - A magical Christmas themed light display featuring Frosty the Snowman and light up presents.

3rd Place Winner

Thank you to our Qualico judges and to Chantal Chapin of the Crestmont HOA and to Ward Sutherland, the Ward 1 Councilor for joining us for some frosty fun.

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