Adopt a Family- We have been matched!

November 10, 2016

Crestmont Community has been matched with a family in need. Please see below details and suggestions. Donations can be dropped off at Crestmont Hall during office hours. If you have any questions or would like to make alternate arrangements, please feel free to contact 


Family Details

We have accepted the following family 


**Items that have already been donated will be removed from the list. Please visit website for updates** 


Donated items: several leggings, shirt, complete arts and crafts set, soccer ball, dress for 15 year old, dress for 13 year old, scarf for mother, dress jacket for 15 year old, winter jacket for 11 year old, girls watch, make your own jewelry set, slumber party game, tot bag and monetary donations. fleece hoodie for 11 year old 


Name: Nyigeng

Shirt Size: M

Relationship: Mother

Pant Size:36 L by 8W


Sex: F

Special Needs: Queen size blanket, gloves, underwear grocery card

Favorite Color: Black


Name: Agel

Shirt Size: S

Relationship: Daughter

Pant Size: S



Special Needs: shirts, under wear, winter jacket, books

Favorite Color: Black


Name: Awein

Shirt Size: S

Relationship: Daughter

Pant Size: S


Shoe Size:

Sex: F

Special Needs: Double bed blanket, likes drawing

Favorite Color: Black



Name: AKuec

Shirt Size:12-14 girls

Relationship: Daughter

Pant Size:12-14 girls

Age:11 and half


Special Needs: Double bedding

Favorite Color: any color



Name: Tong

Shirt Size: age 8

Relationship: Son

Pant Size: age 8


Sex: M

Special Needs: winter jacket,  science kit, hoodie, pjs

Favorite Color: any color



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We ask that all questions be submitted in advance to Deadline to submit is December 6th. 

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