Spray Park Update

Old Pump
New Pump

The Crestmont Spray Park had an anticipated opening date of June 1, unfortunately we have been delayed due to some much needed scheduled maintenance. A brand new 7.5HP pump was ordered and finally arrived Friday June 3. Now that the pump has been installed, our Spray Park Contractor has been working hard filling the system and adjusting chemicals. The next step is to receive approval from the Health Inspector. The inspection is weather and schedule dependent. We are all crossing our fingers for a speedy inspection so we can have the park up and running for our residents.

A Park Monitor, Kyle Coutts, Crestmont Resident, has been hired as an independent contractor of the Crestmont HOA. The main focus of this position will be to monitor access to and use of the Spray Park and Tot Lot to ensure that access is restricted to Crestmont residents. Throughout the season the Park Monitor will ask users to provide proof of residence in Crestmont and/or confirm their names and addresses with our master list, will inform non-residents that the park is privately owned and respectfully ask them to leave, will maintain daily attendance records and act as a goodwill ambassador, engaging residents through organized activities. More information on organized activities will be available as the season moves forward. This position will not assume responsibility for watching or safeguarding children and is not considered a lifeguard. We are excited to have Kyle as a part of our team this year!

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