Homeowners' Association Fees 
Your HOA fees pay for enhancements to the community, including but not limited to: property ownership and member use of the Hall and grounds, annual HOA events, landscaping, snow removal and maintenance in and around the Hall property, spray park, tot lot, fire pit, storm pond feature fountains, entry decorative pillars and median landscaping. 





The Developer has registered an Encumbrance on the title of each single family and multi-family residential lot to secure fee payment to CHOA. In any given year, CHOA may choose to charge an amount other than that provided for in the Encumbrances, subject to the limitations within CHOA Bylaws. Fees for 2021 are $325.00 + GST ($341.25 total) and are subject to change, in accordance with CHOA Bylaws.

Fee Notices and Payments
The fiscal year of CHOA is January 1 to December 31 of every calendar year. Fee notices will be mailed out annually, generally in November and fees are levied effective January 1 of each year. Interest charges begin accumulating on overdue accounts as of February 1 of each calendar year at a rate of 18% per annum.
Upon closing of the initial (new construction) real estate purchase, the encumbrance fee amount is payable by the buyer in one lump sum in advance (from possession date) to year end, unless otherwise determined by CHOA. Subsequent encumbrance fees (after the first year of occupancy) are to be paid on an annual basis.

Payments Options
A cheque made out to the Crestmont Homeowners Association, mailed to:
Rancho Realty 
#1, 5528 1st St SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2W9 

Through the CondoCafe' fee portal
For access to the online fee portal, email CHOA@ranchogroup.com.  All CHOA inquiries can be directed to Rancho Realty.
2021 CHOA AGM 
Crestmont Hall - 12400 Crestmont Blvd SW
Calgary, AB T3B 5W5
Sept 8, 2021 @ 6:30pm 

CHOA Board of Directors 
Claudio Palumbo, Director & President
Brian Brown, Director & Treasurer
Thilo Kaufmann, Director & Secretary
Clark Piechotta, Director at Large
Paul Godard, Resident Director
Todd Rensing, Resident Director

For maintenance issues or requests, please contact Rancho Realty

403-253-7642 or CHOA@ranchorealty.com

For maintenance that falls outside of the Crestmont HOA boundaries, please contact the City of Calgary using the 311 system