Outdoor amenities are availabile for the exclusive use of Crestmont Residents
Spray Park ‚Äč

The spray park season runs from June 1st (weather depending) to September long weekend. Arrangements are made to have the system opened for the season and winterized in the fall. The Spray Park operation is fully overseen by Hall Management. It is regulated by both Alberta Health and Occupational Health and Safety.


Management ensures:

  • Current pool operators certificate

  • Ensures daily maintenance and water testing is completed;

  • Submits weekly water samples and reports to Alberta Health;

  • Hires seasonal support staff and ensures training credentials;

  • Monitors equipment and stock supplies as required; including but not limited to: chlorine, hydrochloric acid, oxygen, chemical-protective gear, air monitoring equipment, safety harness & tripod;

  • Reports regularly to the HOA Board on the status of the equipment and any required repairs and maintenance;


Daily maintenance of Spray Park includes:

  • Visually check water clarity;

  • Inspect for slime or visible bacteria above and below ground;

  • Empty and clean pump strainer basket;

  • Take water sample - monitor chlorine and ph levels, adjust as required;

  • Maintain a log book of equipment readings;

  • Periodically shock system – recording in log book when done;

  • Record psi of pump filtration system - if psi rises 15 over base-line, backwash filter and record in log book;

  • Maintain water level;

  • Sweep debris such as grass clippings, leaves and stones from deck surface;

  • Clean any plugged spray heads.

Tot Lot and Park 


The tot lot located on HOA property next to the spray park and hall is owned and operated by the HOA and is not maintained by the City of Calgary Parks department. Private parks do, however, require adherence to all rules and regulations set out by Alberta Health and Safety. 


  • Alberta Health and Safety performs regular spot checks of the play equipment and it is the responsibility of the Facility Manager to report to the HOA any concerns raised about the equipment.

  • Repairs and maintenance are to be authorized by the Board and completed as required.  

  • The play equipment was manufactured by Blue Imp Recreational Products of Canada.

  •  The landscape design of the HOA property was created by Bassett & Associates Landscape Architecture Inc.  

  • The pour-in-place rubber play surface installed in the tot lot in 2012. The work was carried out by GPI Outdoor Designs Inc.

  • Landscaping of the privately owned park and snow removal around the hall is completed by Harco Developments Inc. (contract awarded 2013)

Green Space


The land surrounding the pond and the adjacent field between the storm pond and the hall are owned and maintained by the City of Calgary. The field is designed to be a “mini soccer pitch”, as per City of Calgary Parks specification.


Fire Pit 


The community fire pit was installed by the HOA for the enjoyment of Crestmont Homeowners’ Association members, in good standing, and their guests. The fire pit has a locking cover to prevent unsupervised use. Upon signing a Waiver Release Form and depositing $20.00 with hall staff, a member will be provided with a fire pit key. The deposit is returnable after satisfactory clean up of the fire pit area and return of key. Those using the fire pit are required to clean-up the pit and surrounding area after each use so that no debris is left. This is your community park and children play in the area. In cases where residents, visitors, guests or renters fail to clean-up after themselves, the sponsoring homeowner(s) are responsible for that clean-up. You are responsible for any fire, smoke, or odors created from open burning and for any damage that may result from your fire.

Storm Pond Fountain 


The storm water retention pond located adjacent to the HOA property is owned by the City of Calgary; the area is zoned as a Public Utility Lot (PUL). This pond serves as part of the master storm water management system within the community. It is not safe to swim in a storm water retention pond. The decorative fountain within the pond is owned and maintained by the HOA under an Optional Amenity Agreement with the City of Calgary. This fountain does not contribute to the operation of the storm water pond system nor does it control mosquito breeding population; it was installed solely as an aesthetic feature for the community at large. The fountain installed in 2013 was manufactured by Otterbine Barebo Inc. and was supplied and installed by Renewable Power & Electric. 

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